A Book of Mormon Stories

Reflections on growing up in an alternate reality.

When you’re the only Mormon at a prestigious summer writing workshop, it can be tough to convince your classmates that you already know how to swear.
Yes, the controversial music video defaces sacred LDS symbols, but in doing so it brings to visceral life the nightmare journey of the apostate.
A recent television series brings a grisly Mormon murder case to life, though questionable renditions of history overshadow its more thoughtful aspects.
Just when you think you’ve found a spot where you can pass for normal, along comes someone who reminds you everything’s relative.
Sometimes another person’s life offers a glimpse down the corridors of an alternate life avoided. That’s the case for me with convicted traitor…
A typical first novel is a dumping ground for its author’s childhood traumas. The Book of Mormon is no different.
No one is allowed to talk about what happens in a Latter-day Saint temple. This means there’s no good way to prepare yourself for your first trip down…
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