Annals of Self-Publishing

Occasional essays on the perks and pitfalls of being your own publisher.

Returnable books are what enable brick-and-mortar stores to maintain an affordable inventory. But they also put a huge burden on small publishers — like…
When the expenses are all logged and revenue is tallied, how does the self-published author decide whether or not the outcome was worth the cost?
It’s tempting as a self-published author to fantasize about that glamorous cross-country book tour. But is such a thing practical, or even necessary?
If a book drops and no one hears it, does it make a sale? Some thoughts on marketing, publicity, and the hidden costs of free advertising.
What associations does the word “fulfillment” conjure? To an exhausted self-publisher, it might be less about personal satisfaction than endless hours…
A professionally edited manuscript is only the first step in our self-publishing odyssey. It takes some serious coin to turn that manuscript into an…
Putting out my own book cost me plenty, both financially and personally. Was it worth it? Let's look at the numbers.
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