Root: A Serial Novel

Teenage friends in Chicago stumble onto the magical underpinnings of reality itself. And now reality wants them dead. A premium serial novel by Hugo and Nebula nominee William Shunn.

I spent three years writing a young-adult urban science-fantasy thriller. The brave kids at its core broke my heart in more ways than one. This year I'd…
In need of sleep, Hasta falls into a vivid and terrifying nightmare world, only to be awakened by a new and nauseatingly real enemy.
Finding himself on the wrong side of the tracks, Ivan tries to turn an enemy to an ally, and he makes another unsettling discovery about the nature of…
Trapped alone now in the school and afraid to sleep, Hasta has two vexing conversations that leave her with more questions than answers.
Hasta receives an invitation to a trap and faces an impossible choice, while Lamm and Kray defend their actions to a superior being.
A dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the dark leads to an object that's difficult to pick up. But just because you can pick it up, should you?
Hasta and her friends discover they’re not alone inside their night-bound high school, and Juan decides to take a certain matter into his own hands.
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