Root: A Serial Novel

Teenage friends in Chicago stumble onto the magical underpinnings of reality itself. And now reality wants them dead. A premium serial novel by Hugo and Nebula nominee William Shunn.

In this inaugural chapter of our serial novel, Chicago teen Hasta Veeramachaneni gets her first inklings of something odd about her high school.
As Hasta and her friends regroup in the faculty lounge, bruised feelings and secrets complicate their attempts to strategize for survival.
A new villain takes the stage on the battlefield of Chicago’s North Side—one whose chaotic interests may not quite line up with those of Lamm and Kray.
With her back almost literally against the wall, Hasta at long last meets her pursuers and begins to learn just how dangerous they are.
While Hasta and Ivan conduct tests of her abilities, Ivan’s reservations about Juan cast a pall over what they learn. Meanwhile the noose around them…
Fighting for her life, Hasta finds herself transported to a mysterious and ominous new realm, while Lamm and Kray get one step closer to finding her.
Hasta tries to make the best of a bad situation by probing for information, and the night takes a more eventful turn than anyone anticipated.
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