Root: A Serial Novel

Teenage friends in Chicago stumble onto the magical underpinnings of reality itself. And now reality wants them dead. A premium serial novel by Hugo and Nebula nominee William Shunn.

I spent three years writing a young-adult urban science-fantasy thriller. The brave kids at its core broke my heart in more ways than one. This year I'd…
While Ivan pursues a troubling deal with Frida to learn the location of the Bunker, Lamm is already there and losing more control over his emotions.
Awakening from the dreamworld to find herself still trapped in the school, Hasta must enlist a hostile ally in her cause if she wants to escape.
A character development exercise in the voice of the obsessive-compulsive co-lead of our premium serialized epic urban fantasy technothriller. Are you…
Alone in the school once again, Hasta fights sleep and the horrible nightmares it surely will bring.
Ivan visits a notorious drug den in search of Juan, A.A. confronts a less-than-cooperative captive, and Lamm contends with overwhelming new emotions.
While Hasta probes LaVell’s strange amnesia and tries to bring him up to speed, Lamm takes another unprecedented and perilous step toward…
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