Short Fiction

Just because you make something up doesn't mean it isn't true.

A fiction extra. While attempting to pawn an engagement ring in Salt Lake City, a disquieted young man begins to see signs of a quiet migration.
In an alternate America eerily like our own, a boys’ choir’s performance at the Inauguration portends a fascist future. Fiction for Election Day.
The Cubs in the World Series? In 2012 this can only mean something nefarious is afoot. Will Ferdinand “Bull” Schmidt make it to the men’s room in time…
An intrepid plush rabbit in search of illicit thrills finds their entire world turned upside down and sideways. A story in 23 photographs.
A defense of the proposition that God is greater than Devil, an idea that may not be as self-evident as it seems on its face.
In the words of the immortal Mallory Archer, “Always know where the exits are.”