Having saved their world, at least for now, Hasta and her friends make the long journey back home, facing difficult truths along the way.
Hasta escapes to the nightmarish Gameplain, where she joins her friends in a desperate last-ditch attempt to save their world from annihilation.

December 2022

In the interface between worlds, Hasta learns more than she cares to know about the nature of her universe—and about the nature of her own self.
Standing before Brahman at long last, Hasta faces her greatest challenge yet—convincing the creator that her world is worth saving.
An unexpected ally helps Hasta to the Bus, but one last obstacle stands between her and an audience with Brahman. Can she take a life in cold blood in…
Trapped in a pit of A.A.’s making, Hasta’s crew must work together like never before if any of them hope to escape. But what if that means only one can?
Having reached Mount Rushmore visitor center at long last, Hasta and crew hunt for the elusive that will lead them to their goal Bus. But another of…
A private space for us to converse and connect
Trapped in a deserted hardware store, Hasta’s cohort does battle with two daemons of terrible beauty and power. Meanwhile, Lamm lays claim to a…
One jump away from Mount Rushmore but too exhausted to reliably proceed, Hasta and crew circle the wagons as a new set of enemies approaches.

November 2022

On her next jump, Hasta stumbles across enemies more terrifying than any she’s yet encountered, while Lamm fights his way toward her through another of…
Hasta’s team comes across the aftermath of a horrific massacre—and a lone survivor who seems convinced their mission is doomed.